tiger hand sketchFor RodrigoRon's FudoJen's LighthouseChamp's Lady DeathFlamenco DancerAutumn's HeartBroken TimeClyde's SketchBonnie's SketchZeus doing MagnumSeveral warm up sketchesDeathly HallowsThe road less traveledDeath's shadow sketchMayan PrideInsight-still availableSimurghthe EyeDo not go gentlethe giftSticker designRandom SketchesFudo rough sketchGorilla sketchDeath ritualHillbillyOne of the many from the bubbleheads collectionMasterchiefMarch of dimesGearsPopsModern ShamanSalmon RunThe Dapper DuoFlamenco version 2NikeyayFreelance job for Crow ThiefOld BullmonsterBODYSUIT IN PROGRESStowerSPEEDOStoichand of godlibertyslow childrenTIKIPart of a robo-toy design seriesdragon bodyROBO BUNNYROBO BUNNYASPQUAILA true Illustrator should graph and draw their portraits, not trace themHand drawn, not stenciledprofileshorsieskatrinaROLANDROBBIECHRISTINELIUIGIBOBBYGRIM REAPERFOR ETHANtwo faceJUNK
Drawings new and old, mostly old.

After being asked by a few apprentices I have decided to leave up my old sketches from when I was just starting out so people could see the progression in styles.

These are mostly bits from my sketchbooks from my first few years.

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all tattoos and artwork by Cooper