First things first. You will need to email me to set up a consultation and talk about your ideas in person. This way we can cover all your options and I can help you with refining your ideas and find relevant visual references if you like. We cover placement, size, subject matter, timeline, different ways to finish the work and make sure your new tattoo will put all your friends basic tattoos to shame.
After we have discussed ideas and I have decided that I am the right artist for your tattoo then the next step will be to refine the ideas to make sure they are everything we need them to be before we allow the artwork to get solidified. Then after checking size and placement we will make sure that it fits in the most complimentary way possible.
Then we get you an appointment for the outline. This can take a while as we are can be in high demand here so patience is very appreciated. There is no entirely accurate way to determine how long anyone's wait will be. It varies for many reasons, but I do my best to make sure everyone gets well taken care of.

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