GETTING STARTED. First things first. You will need to email me to set up a consultation and talk about your ideas. Placement, size, subject matter....etc. Do not message me through the sites message center but here at
After we have discussed ideas and I have decided that I am the right artist for your tattoo then the next step will be to get you an appointment. This can take a while as we are in high demand here so patience is a must if you want great work. There is no entirely accurate way to determine how long anyone's wait will be. It varies for many reasons.
Depending on the size and time needed, getting you on the schedule can take anywhere from a couple months for a very small one to a year or more for the majority of the larger scale work I am known for.
I do keep a small amount of time set aside for projects of my own personal interest. I keep a list available for what I am currently into doing. Contact me if you are interested. This involves me telling people what I want to tattoo at the time, and if interested then size, style and subject matter are whatever I feel is best for the piece, at a discounted rate of course. This is best for serious tattoo collectors and is not for everyone.

GETTING STARTED Eric Cooper San Diego Tattoo Denver Colorado art, Hawaii art, guru.