There’s nothing quite like bold bright color tattoos. When done right they can both draw you in and boldly stand out from far away. With my process of using layers of color we can achieve effects unheard of by your grandfathers tattooer.

If applied and layered correctly they can have depth and effects almost like a painting on your skin for well over 30 years before fading as opposed to the standard 1 pass tattoo that shows its age in less than half that time. Layers also achieve textures and effects standard tattoos cannot hold on to.
Regardless of which option you choose know that even basic color tattoos generally Take about 30 to 50% more time than black and gray tattoos but as anyone who loves the rich depth of a crisp color tattoo will tell you, they are worth every bit.

I offer standard 1 shot color if people prefer a more economical option too but I most definitely lean toward the depth and longevity of the layered and textured effects.I like to make things the best they can possibly be.

COLOR Eric Cooper San Diego Tattoo Denver Colorado art, Hawaii art, guru.